Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow and Snark(y)

Driving home last night after the Cathedral service was magical. 
The snow was light, fluffy and glittered by streetlamp.
The above photo was taken by Joe Flood (I don't know him) somewhere on T Street. It looks exactly like the scenery through which I drove home. People are crafting funny names for this storm: "SnOMG", "SnabrahamLincoln" (yesterday was his birthday, of course), "Snowchi" in honor of the Olympics. We easily got 8 inches. Molly slept lots and lots. We went out a couple of times and snow removal was a breeze. And. Then. By the time I got out there to shovel, it began a light rain. The snow got heavier and heavier. Luckily with the temperature rising, the areas shoveled are nice and clear because of the melting.
And then I saw comes the snarky part:
Um...hello, neighbor? 
Are you too precious to shovel the public sidewalk in front of your house like the rest of us? I mean, we do live across from a public school...and you know what? Kids walk to school. But I guess I guess you are. After all there's a nice path to your car:
I feel badly about being so snarky especially since I just finished reading an old Life Magazine article about the face of God. (Too long to go into here.)
But Really??