Friday, September 16, 2011

RADM. Samuel R. Brown, Jr.

Back in the late 50's we spent a lot of weekends and several holidays with the family of Adm. and Ann Brown.  I remember their daughters, Robin and Eleanor.  And I remember Christmas Eve lights atop their house in northern Virginia.  Adm. Brown was Capt. of the USS Forrestal from May 1959-April 1960 and I am pretty sure we attended his commissioning in Norfolk.  (These short term commands were typical.)  What I remember most were the parties, the cocktails, the capri pants, and canapes... and I even think he even had a crush on my Mom.  Well, his wife was a brunette and so was Mother.  The photo and citation above were found - of all places - on Ebay.  Imagine that.

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