Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We Dodged the Bullet

Smarting from Hurricane Isabel (2003) I was so sure to be fully prepared for Irene.  That year we lost power for exactly seven days and five minutes.  Well, we dodged the bullet.  Good karma?  Blessings from above?  Luck of the Scottish? The basement was bone dry, and we never lost power.  The only casualty was that the Christmas decoration - a bicycle decorated with lights that I never did put away - fell over, into the bushes.
I do not for one second mean to make light of this horrible incident - after all, we had an earthquake and a hurricane with in one week.  My prayers and thoughts are with those who suffered injury and loss.  Chincoteague also dodged the bullet - the ponies were fine...
...and John's house - the shed, too - were dry.

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