Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene Before She Says Goodnight

At Flag Harbor on the Chesapeake Bay.
This is looking south at about 8am towards Calvert Cliffs, and the nuclear power plant (at the mouth of the marina).  People in Calvert County who live within 100 feet of the cliffs were ordered to evacuate.  John Little is going to pull John Drew's boat up out of the slip, and trailer it.  
By the way, here is a picture of Flag Harbor on a pretty day.
After searching eight different stores over two days, I finally found some D-batteries!  
Bring it on, Irene.


  1. I am glad I do not have a basement apartment or office. Even the ants, in our garden, were moving all their eggs to higher ground this morning.

  2. Hi Suse,
    Well, as I write this, I think that Irene should have been and gone so, I hope that you are safe and well and there isn't too much damage. I cannot imagine what it must be like. We don't tend to get such extremes of weather.
    Many thanks for visiting my blog.It's so lovely to meet new people. XXXX