Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Canning Part II

"What are you going to do with all of those blueberries?!"  
Uncle.  So, I dug out one of my all time favorite cookbooks - mainly used for making homemade Christmas gifts at the very last minute.  Apparently, the book is now a classic:  Helen Witty's Fancy Pantry.  I say "classic" because "new" copies are selling on Amazon for $75.00!  This one, Blueberry Orange Preserves was easy.  Yes, you heard me:  easy.  It just takes a little organization and a fair bit of time.  I made a few adjustments (minor) in the recipe.  I tried to get a picture showing the lovely, rich purple such luck.
Now look.  I never claimed to be a great cook - there are a gazillion food blogs out there (they even have their own "communities", a term typically used among the "faithful" no matter what their religion may be).  But really.  This. Is. Doable!  I am on a roll!  Peach Jam with Brown Sugar and Rum, anyone?

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  1. I am so impressed...are you quitting your day job :)?