Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oh, Candide!

Absolutely. Fantastic. Production!  Shakespeare Theatre's amazing Candide, music by Leonard Bernstein, directed and newly adapted from the Voltaire by Mary Zimmerman is a "run don't walk" must see.  When the magical overture began, I closed my eyes so thankful to be there and wanting to reference that moment for future use in moments of stress.  (!)  So many great (big!) voices!  Hollis Resnik as the Old Lady was cunning and captivating, but I think I was most impressed with the lead, when Lauren Molina as Cunegonde sang - what sounded to me like the most challenging piece - while sitting in a tub of bubbles, then being cinched in a corset and getting dressed by the Old Lady.
After the play musical, and after the standing ovation, Larry Yando, charming man (divine, really) who played Pangloss among others, encouraged the audience to make a gift to Broadway Cares in such an articulate and graceful fashion, you just wanted to give.  As I was leaving, there was Cunegonde/Lauren in full costume holding a basket to collect donations.  Initially surprised to see such a tiny person (that great, big voice!) I managed to muster up the words to compliment her talent, and convey how much we loved the performance.  She beamed a beautiful smile, warmly thanked me and wished me a Merry Christmas.  Sweet!  
Hollis Resnik and Lauren Molina with thanks to shakespearetheatreco.

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