Saturday, August 21, 2010

Antiques Roadshow!

A colleague, moreover, fun friend called out of the blue to invite me to go to the Washington DC tour of the Antiques Roadshow down at the Convention Center.  Originally, I was going to take an antique pocket stop-watch, but when I opened the safety deposit box and realized its true value, I got cold feet.  I didn't want to be walking around downtown with something that valuable even though I think the Roadshow people would have been VERY interested.  Instead I took an item belonging to my boyfriend.

  This is a 'cigarette butler' (for lack of a better word) which held cigarettes, matches and an ash tray.  It is similar to those old front-lawn jockeys, so politically incorrect.  He found it at the Amish market down in Charlotte Hall, MD. about ten years ago.  He paid about 20-bucks for it.  The Roadshow staff directed me to the "Metalwork and Sculpture" appraiser, a (rather frosty) woman from Skinner Antiques and Auctions, who said very little other than:  a pair, very similar to this one, had recently sold for $700 at auction.  It was a fun morning.  We now know - for the next time! - to bring off-the-wall items to get in the shorter and paintings were forever!  Silver, dolls, arms and militaria, even glass, had much shorter lines.
We had such a good time looking at other people's "stuff," marveling at some and wondering "what were they thinking?!" at others.  Everyone was very congenial and now we can't wait until January when the episode airs on PBS.  A whole lot of fun!


  1. I love the Antiques Road Show...good for you guys finding out it's worth that much! Great blog too:)

    Julie xo