Sunday, June 13, 2010

An Anniversary...M. Jaques Cousteau et Moi

Well, it was my birthday one day last week.  The French (such as my dear friend, Thierry) say bonne anniversaire.  I was reminded that I share my day with Jaques Cousteau.  He would have been 100 this year.  I remember as a child watching the TV program, The Undersea World of Jaques Cousteau.  It was a special time when my Father and I were glued to the tube.  Not only were we captivated by the subject matter, but it was an occasion when we - and my brothers - really connected as a family with no spats ("I get the couch!").  I still cannot believe that I was so lucky to meet M. Cousteau in my newspaper days.  As a member of the National Press Club's morning newsmaker program, I was selected to host his press conference.  I was so taken with his charm, that I don't remember everything, but I do have a vague memory that we laughed about our shared birthday.  A photo was taken -  and frankly, if the world were to come to an end, the one item I would take with me in an evacuation would be that picture - it is my prized possession.  When I learn how to scan (in color?!) I will re-post...
I loved that man for what he stood for, believed in, and cared about.  He was elegant, articulate and devout.  Love,

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